Union County Antique Tractor & Power Club By-Laws

Adopted:  October 19, 2010


Article 1


    1.  Purpose

         A.  The purpose of the Club is to further the collection, restoration, and exchange of  information about antique tractors, trucks and engines, in Union County and surrounding counties.


Article 2


     1.  Principle Office

         A.  The secretary shall maintain the principle office for the Club including the address of the Club.


Article 3


    1.  Membership

          A   All prospective members shall fill out an application for membership. Said application becomes a part of Club records.

          B.  An active member is a member who attends at least two (2) meetings a calendar year.

          C.   No prospective member shall be excluded from membership because of age, familial status, national origin, race, religion, or sex.

          D.   Prospective member(s) shall be approved by a vote of the quorum of  membership present at said meeting.

          E.   A quorum consists of 20 members present at said meeting.

          F.   Anyone 16 years of age and over is eligible for membership.

          G.   The Club’s fiscal year shall be January 1 to December 31


    2.  Dues

          A.  Annual dues will be $20.00 per member.

                1.   There is no pro-ration or refunds on membership dues.                   

          B.  Club dues are due no later than December 31.

          C.  Dues not paid by the second meeting of the Club’s fiscal year are past due and                 member is dropped from the membership role.  Said dropped members may  reapply for membership as a new member in accordance with Club By-Laws.         

          D.  Dues shall be used for Club expenses which includes membership in E.D.G.E. & T.A. and their general liability insurance coverage.

                1.  Members shall not receive anything except membership and the privileges of the Club.


     3.  Conduct

           A.  Self disposition shall be maintained by Club members.

           B.  Alcohol or drugs shall not be permitted at Club functions.                                

           C.  No profanity.

           D.  Acts which discredit the Club may be reason for dismissal.

                  1.  A written complaint must be submitted to the President, who will then take it to the Board of Directors.

                  2.  The accused will be given the opportunity to defend themselves before the Board of Directors. 


Article 4


     1.  Meetings

           A.  The Club will hold a meeting the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

           B.  Membership will be given notice of any change in time, place or date of monthly meeting and reason for change.

           C.  Board of Directors will meet six times a year at place and time as determined by the Chairperson.                                      

           D.  Committees elected by membership or appointed by the President, may hold individual meetings to accomplish their assigned task.


    2.  Voting and Business Procedures

          A.  Each member is entitled to one (1) vote.

          B.  Each member is encouraged to ask questions and/or discuss all issues  prior to voting on the issue.

          C.  The President of the Club will entertain any business brought forth at the meeting but no action will be taken until the issue is brought before the Board of Directors for consideration at their regular held meeting or a called meeting to discuss the merits of the issue and then brought before membership in accordance with the Club By-laws.

           D. There will be no voting by proxy.  A member must be present to vote.


Article 5


     1.  Board of Directors

          A.  You must be a member of the Club in good standing to serve on the Board of Directors.

          B.  There will be seven board members, who will elect their Chairman and  Vice-Chairman.

          C.  Duly elected members of the Board of Directors will serve staggered two (2) year terms of office.                         

          D.  Board members cannot serve as Club Officers.

          E.  The Board of Directors shall oversee the By-laws of the Club, Club Officers, all projects and activities and, will be of open mind and maintain  the direction of the Club.

          F.  The Board of Directors may over rule or call for additional discussion on a motion that has passed to prevent extensive change or detriment to the Club.

          G.  No officer from another tractor and power equipment club will serve as an Officer, and/or on the Board of Directors, in order to avoid conflict of interest.


      2.  Officers

           A.  Elected Officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator and Editor.

                 1.  The term of these offices shall be two years.

                 2.  Officers may not serve two (2) consecutive terms in their elected position.           

            B.  Nominations and elections of Club Officers shall be held at the membership meeting held in November every two (2) years.

            C.  Term of office will start January 1st.


       3.  Duties of Elected Officers

            A.  President

                  1.  The President shall preside at all meetings.

                  2.  In absence, the Vice President shall preside at the meeting.

            B.  Vice President

                  1. Vice-President will aid the President as needed, or assist any committee, appointed or elected by the membership.

            C.  Secretary

                  1.  The Secretary shall maintain the principle office headquarters of the Club.

                  2.  The Secretary shall be responsible for recording all minutes and votes..

                  3.  In the absence of the Secretary, the Editor shall assume the duties.                                                            

                  4.  It is the Secretary’s duty to distribute business material to the Board of Directors, and/or Officers and membership, as requested.

             D. Treasurer

                  1. The Treasurer shall hold all monies, debts and obligations belonging to the Club.

                  2. Treasurer shall maintain records of all incomes and expenditures, and shall report the financial status at each meeting.

                  3.  The Treasurer or President shall not make any expenditure in excess of  $100.00.  There shall be a limit of two (2) such transactions per month. Any expenditure over $100.00 but not exceeding $200.00 will require approval of the Board of Directors.  Any expenditure exceeding $200.00 will require a vote by membership.

                   4. The Club checking account shall have three (3) authorized signatories, which shall be the Treasurer, President and Board Chairman.  All checks shall require two (2) signatures, one of which shall be the Treasurer.

            E.  Editor

                  1.  The Editor will be the Editor of the monthly newsletter.

            F.  Membership Coordinator

                 1.  The Membership Coordinator will be responsible for receiving and  processing applications from prospective members and forwarding applications to the Club President for presentation to the Club.

                  2. The Membership Coordinator will maintain the membership roster,  including the roster for E.D.G.E. & T.A.



Article 6


     1.  Rules of Procedure

          A.  Roberts Rules of Order will be used to address any procedural questions not addressed in Club By-Laws.


Article 7


      1. Rules of Procedure for changing Bylaws

          A.  Generation of change.

                1.  Motion at general meeting

                2.  Letter to President

                3.  Letter to Board of Directors

                4.  Recommendation from the Board of Directors.

           B.  Notification of change read at two consecutive general membership meetings.

           C.  To approve a change to By-Laws requires a two-third vote by membership of quorum present.


Article 8


1.      Vacancies

         A. In the event an Officer or Board member’s position is vacated during their term of office, the Board of Directors will appoint someone to fill the unexpired term.  Said  appointee will be eligible for office in the next election.